Glory House Churches International began as an offshoot of a fellowship, which Dr Albert Odulele reluctantly agreed to lead in 1991. After a series of incredible visions and encounters between 1991 and 1992 God instructed His servant, Dr Albert Odulele, to “Raise a people of passion and power. Sound the trumpet in Zion and raise an army of believers that will usher the Second Coming of Jesus. Teach them My Word and instruct them in the way to go. I am coming soon. “ Glory Bible Church was officially inaugurated in March 1993. The name of the church was changed in January 1999 by the leading of the Holy Spirit to reflect Isaiah 60:1-22 and Ezekiel 47:1-9 in a more contemporary manner.

On 2nd February 2014, Dr Albert Odulele and the leadership of Glory House sent Pastor Charles Karanja, an associate pastor of Glory House Churches International, to establish a branch of Glory House in Kenya. Pastor Charles has served in Glory House London for more than 10 years in various leadership capacities.

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Pastor Charles Karanja

Pastor Charles Karanja has been a serving in Glory House London in various capacities before coming to serve as a pastor full time in 2009. On 2nd February 2014, as part of the commission of Glory House, Dr Albert Odulele and the entire family of Glory House sent him forth to establish Glory House Kenya.

Pastor Charles is a lover of the Word of God thus his passion to reach out and to teach the truth in the Word of God.